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The World Federation of Investors is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose members are primarily national shareholders' associations. WFI was formed to promote investor education and shareholder advocacy. WFI helps national shareholders associations and investor advocacy groups better serve their members. more
WFI, Volkswagen and Investor Advocacy

Volkswagen AG

On October 8th, the World Federation of Investors formally adopted a program to enable holders of Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG, and Audi AG securities to seek recovery for the loss in value of these securities because of the fraud committed by VW, keeping in mind the importance of VW to the German and European economies. While class action suits are very common in the U.S., most people do not realize that this investor recourse is not available in other capital markets around the world. WFI will be a proactive advocate by informing, educating, and facilitating individual investor compensation from VW.

The Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claim is a nonprofit organization established in the Netherlands to represent the interests of investors in Volkswagen AG (VW), Porsche AG, and Audio AG securities following VW's admission of fraud in the sale of cars with built-in software that manipulated emissions test data (defeat device) and the subsequent decline in the share price of VW securities.

The "Stichting" is a Dutch foundation established in the Netherlands that represents the interests of victims and may resolve claims against a defendant in the form of a collective settlement.

Representing the interests of purchasers of VW, Porsche, and Audi securities in the U.S. and worldwide, including common or preferred shares, and public or private debt from April 23, 2008, up to and including the date on which the full extent of the Volkswagen emissions fraud shall become known to the public, the Stichting has invited VW to work towards a reasonable settlement in the interest of all investors to avoid further legal actions. The Stichting seeks to work with VW in a spirit of mutual respect to find a reasonable and fair solution to the multifaceted and multinational problems caused by the company providing incomplete and incorrect information to the market.

There is no membership fee or obligation when joining Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claim.

For more information about Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claim, go to:


The WFI Executive Committee met at WFI offices in Gent, Belgium, on March 30-31, 2015. Seven Executive Committee members were joined by seven guests. Individual directors gave reports on their country and on issues relating to individual shareholders. Read more

WFI Executive Committee

WFI Executive Committee
(Back): Lars-Erik Forsgärdh, Paolo Brambilla (WF Young Investors: Patrick Thomenius and Elizabéta Lindström), Henning Wegener, Jean-Pierre Paelinck, Kasia Rusek, Wilfred Hübscher, Roger Ganser
(Front): Hachem Boulos, Katherine Naherny, Frank Fumio Kaneko


September 30 – October 3, 2015, Milano, Italy

Advocate Fausto Bongiorni of Studio Legale and Dr. Paola Brambilla of ASSOInvestors, the Italian investors association, hosted WFI's General Assembly/Annual Meeting in Milano. In addition to WFI Chairman Roger Ganser, keynote speakers representing the Italian financial sector as well as the representatives of the legal society, judges and law firms spoke at the opening session. Thursday and Friday were devoted to financial education programs and to the protection of shareholders' rights, including the Volkswagen EPA fraud that has significantly affected VW shareholders. On Saturday, ASSO and the Slovenian Association hosted WFI members to EXPO Milan. Fifty-two delegates and guests from twenty-seven countries enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts and participated in the WFI programs.

WFI Welcomes New Members:

Argentina, National Network, Dr. Gabriel Trajtenberg
Australia, Australian Shareholders Association
Azerbaijan, Dr. Fuad Shahvaliyev
Belgium, Advocatenkantoor Marc Callant
Greece, Alphatrust, Dr. Phaedon Tamvakakis
Luxembourg, Raymond Goebbels
Netherlands, Value 8

From Left: Roger H. Ganser, WFI Chairman; Rajko Maric (Serbia), WFI Member; Jean-Pierre Paelinck, WFI Sec. General / President; and Frank Kaneko (Japan), WFI Member

WFI Report
"Financial Security and Accounting Malpractice"

From the very beginning of the new century there have been several corporate scandals both in Europe and the United States which have led to huge stock market falls, nationalization of banks and even the disappearance thereof. These scandals have caused serious damage to shareholders, employees, and creditors alike. In addition, they have evidenced the need to enhance the existing rules and regulations on financial information disclosure by the large listed companies, thus strengthening the enforcement of transparent financial reporting.

In an effort to call attention to these serious issues and to protect individual investors, the World Federation of Investors (WFI) has drafted a report: "Financial Security and Accounting Malpractice", 13 July 2015.

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WFI Officers
Active in Regulatory Affairs

Aldo Sicurani, WFI Treasurer
– since 2004 of the Commission Epargnants (Savers' Commission) of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Financial Markets Authority)

Roger H. Ganser, WFI Chairman
– since 2013 member of Investor Advisory Committee of U.S. Security Exchange Commission
– since 2014 member of Investor Issues Advisory Committee of U.S. Financial Industry National Regulatory Authority


Personal investing in equity as a way of forming wealth should be promoted, since it enables individual investors to participate in the growth of business and thereby in the progress of nations and the world economy. Access to their own investment capital in stocks increases individuals' freedom of action and improves their chances of weathering financial difficulties. Private share ownership thus enriches the individual in a number of ways.

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WFI Gala Dinner in Milano, Italy

Perfomers at WFI 2015 Annual Meeting

WFI member Frank Kaneko, Japan, and recording artist Cecile Prakken of Italy, perform at WFI's gala dinner in Milao, Italy.

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