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The World Federation of Investors is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose members are primarily national shareholders' associations. WFI was formed to promote investor education and shareholder advocacy. WFI helps national shareholders associations and investor advocacy groups better serve their members. more

Volkswagen AG

Better Finance (the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users) and notable investor advocacy group DSW, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, recently joined the World Federation of Investors in support of the Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claim.

At its annual meeting in Milan last October, the World Federation of Investors (WFI) formally endorsed a program to enable investors in Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG and Audi AG securities to seek recovery for losses in the value of these securities resulting from the emissions fraud committed by Volkswagen.

Since the annual meeting, WFI has been a proactive advocate by informing, educating and facilitating individual investor participation in the Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claim, a nonprofit foundation established in the Netherlands to represent the interests of victims in seeking a resolution of claims against VW. The foundation's objective is to obtain relief for investors who have suffered investment losses as a result of the Volkswagen emissions fraud.

"This foundation is a unique opportunity for all VW investors," says Jella Benner-Heinacher, DSW's chief managing director. "It opens the door for them to pursue, at no cost, a settlement with VW." Founded in 1947, DSW has more than 30,000 members and is the leading shareholders' association in Germany.

Reflecting the broad international scope of the claims, the stichting has engaged counsel from the Netherlands (AKD), Austria (Breiteneder Rechtsanwälte Attorneys at Law) and the United States (Labaton Sucharow LLP), as well as attorneys from other European countries.

More information about Stichting Volkswagen Investors Claim is available on its website:


At the March WFI Executive Committee meeting in Berlin a task force composed of Wilfried Hübscher, Henning Wegener and Chairman Ganser proposed amendments to the WFI Bylaws. Attorneys Wegener and Hübscher recommended that the Bylaws be updated to be consistent with current laws, and all three felt the Bylaws should more closely reflect the current investor environment. After discussion and modifications, the Executive Committee approved the Draft Bylaws. The Executive Committee encourages members to read the Draft and email any suggestions or concerns to any member of the task force or to President Jean-Pierre Paelinck. The Draft Bylaws will be presented to the membership at the Annual Congress in Malaga, September 15-16, 2016.

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WFI Executive Committee

Ambassador Henning Wegener and Geraldine Wegener hosted the Executive Committee members at their lovely home in Grunewald.

November 17-18 – Madrid, Spain
Theme: Investor Advocacy

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The PanSlovenian Investors & Shareholders Association (VZMD) reached out to the international and global media to focus on the issues of the entire cancellation of subordinated bonds of six Slovenian banks. The involved parties, and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in particular, were called upon to immediately examine the possibilities to resolve this untenable situation and begin settlement proceedings as soon as possible.

Former WFI Chairman Lars-Erik Forsgårdh with wife Elizabet and WFI Chairman Roger Ganser with wife Katherine Nahenry at Aktiespararna's 50th anniversary celebration in Stockholm. Dr. Forsgårdh was CEO of Aktiespararna from 1984-2006 and was honored for his success in making it the world's largest investor education organization.

WFI Officers
Active in Regulatory Affairs

Aldo Sicurani, WFI Treasurer
– since 2004 of the Commission Epargnants (Savers' Commission) of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (French Financial Markets Authority)

Roger H. Ganser, WFI Chairman
– since 2013 member of Investor Advisory Committee of U.S. Security Exchange Commission
– since 2014 member of Investor Issues Advisory Committee of U.S. Financial Industry National Regulatory Authority


The Spanish Association of Minority Shareholders of Listed Companies (AEMEC) is a non-profit organization which defends and protects the interests of minority shareholders, creating communication channels between listed companies and their shareholders, promoting the effective participation of minority shareholders in the affairs of listed companies and also creating a climate of associative sensitivity that promotes the collective defense of minority shareholders' rights. In this connection, at th eAGM of CzixaBank AEMEC defended the interests of CaixaBank's minority shareholders by denouncing the swap transaction between CaixaBank and Criteria. For further information:


Personal investing in equity as a way of forming wealth should be promoted, since it enables individual investors to participate in the growth of business and thereby in the progress of nations and the world economy. Access to their own investment capital in stocks increases individuals' freedom of action and improves their chances of weathering financial difficulties. Private share ownership thus enriches the individual in a number of ways.

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WFI Gala Dinner in Milano, Italy

Perfomers at WFI 2015 Annual Meeting

WFI member Frank Kaneko, Japan, and recording artist Cecile Prakken of Italy, perform at WFI's gala dinner in Milao, Italy.

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