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WFI Education

Individual education programs are presented at each WFI Annual Meeting. Links to the PowerPoint presentations are available at WFI Meetings. You are encouraged to share these educational presentations with your members.


UK member organisation ShareSoc has developed an educational video series which is available to member organisations.

Episode 1 - Introduction to Investing:

Episode 2 - The Miracle of Compounding:

Episode 3 - Risk and Business:

Episode 4 - Supercharge your Research:

Episode 5 - Fun Fun Funds:

Episode 6 - When Should I Invest?:

Episode 7 - When Should I Sell?

Episode 8 - How to Buy Shares and Funds:

Episode 9 - Discovering Great Investments:

Episode 10 - Summary and Recap:



Increased involvement and interest in listed companies and the economy, participation in wealth building, and a reduction of the concentrated ownership in the listed companies are important aspects that argue in favor of increased direct individual share investment. Individual shareholders contribute to building a sustainable market economy through prioritizing companies that both take a financial responsibility and a societal responsibility. Personal investment in equity is of benefit to the individual, companies and society.

Successful shareholders are a prerequisite for a broad individual investment in stocks. Knowledge is fundamental to investment success. Therefore, WFI and its member organizations promote investment education based on proven investment principles and methodology. Fundamental Analysis and WFI investing principles provide valuable guidelines for more successful investment in stocks.

As an international organization, WFI must try to understand and respond to a wide range of investor education needs. Consequently, our first course materials will be based on basic investor literacy and broad stock selection guidelines. Because some of our members have very advanced stock analysis methods and tools, we will also offer their valuable experiences. Both will be discussed at our annual meeting in Madrid in 2013.

WFI Educational Curriculum

*This program is intended to provide suggestions, ideas, and actual materials for WFI member organizations. Because many organizations already provide education programs, this should be considered as another resource rather than a competing or required program.