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WFIC Meetings

WFI General Meeting — Brussels, Belgium
June 20-21, 2023

The Executive Committee looks forward to seeing you all - in person or via Zoom

Update from the Executive Committee


WFI Annual Congress — Ghent, Belgium
September 30, 2022

AGENDA – Ghent General Assembly

WFI Annual Congress — Paris, France
October 24-25, 2018

AGENDA – Paris General Assembly

WFI Executive Committee Meeting — Stockholm, Sweden
September 6, 2017

WFI Annual Meeting —Stockholm, Sweden
September 7-9, 2017

The Swedish Shareholders' Association (SARF) hosted WFI in Stockholm on 7-9 September, 2017. WFI held its Annual Congress, exchanging information, country reports, Executive Committee actions, etc. The CEO of the NASDAQ Stockholm Stock Exchange, Lauri Rosendahl, invited attendees to attend a session together with the members of the European Association for Share Promotion (EASP). The topic was "The Special Features of the Nordic/Swedish Equity Market". They hosted a dinner that evening.The second day, 8 September, the Swedish Foundation for Share Promotion, Aktiefrämjandet and the Swedish Shareholders' Association hosted a full day seminar, followed by dinner. The theme of the seminar was "Investment Education for Life Time Financial Security". The goal of this seminar was to present the current level of investment education in a number of representative countries and discuss how investment education can be improved to reach more individuals.On 9 September our hosts organized a social program. WFI extends a warm "thank you " to Director Lars-Erik Forsgårdh for making this meeting possible and successful.

The Congress had two themes:

• The future for investment clubs.
• How to reach and support underserved but emerging markets.

WFI President Jean-Pierre Paelinck reported that at a recent meeting of the International Organization of Securities Commissions, the conclusion was that basic financial information had to be taught because of the risk associated with certain financial intermediaries. Individual members reported on activities and conditions in their respective country.

Mark Northway, Chairman of ShareSoc (UK), was elected Vice-President of WFI and paid tribute to Frank Kaneko for his many years of service.

F2iC and New Savers,Paris, France

Photo (Above Left): Charles-Henri d'Auvigny,
President of F2iC, our host, welcoming WFI to Paris

Photo (Above Right): Paolo Brambilla, President of New Savers, Italy, addressing the WFI Congress attendees

Paris, France

Photo: Katherine Naherny, Elizabet Forsgärdh, Hedwine Ghuys Paelinck enjoying WFI's Paris cultural tour

WFI Executive Committee Meeting — Ghent, Belgium
March 20-21, 2017 Executive Committee Minutes

WFI Annual Meeting — Madrid, Spain
November 17-19, 2016   General Meeting Minutes   Photos
Power Point Presentations: WFI Celebrating 50 Years   Financial Literacy Education   Investor Rights

WFI Executive Committee Meeting — Madrid, Spain
November 16, 2016 Executive Committee Minutes

WFI Annual Congress — Madrid, Spain   Photos

International Investors' Conference, Wiesbaden, Germany
November 2016   Photos

WFI Executive Committee Meeting — Berlin, Germany
March 17 - 18, 2016 Executive Committee Minutes

At the March WFI Executive Committee meeting in Berlin a task force composed of Wilfried Hübscher, Henning Wegener and Chairman Ganser proposed amendments to the WFI Bylaws. Attorneys Wegener and Hübscher recommended that the Bylaws be updated to be consistent with current laws, and all three felt the Bylaws should more closely reflect the current investor environment. After discussion and modifications, the Executive Committee approved the Draft Bylaws. The Executive Committee encourages members to read the Draft and email any suggestions or concerns to any member of the task force or to President Jean-Pierre Paelinck. The Draft Bylaws will be presented to the membership at the Annual Congress in Malaga, September 15-16, 2016.

WFI Executive Committee

Ambassador Henning Wegener and Geraldine Wegener hosted the Executive Committee members at their lovely home in Grunewald.

WFI Annual Meeting 2015 — Milano, Italy
September 30 - October 3, 2015

Annual Meeting Minutes   Executive Committee Minutes

Advocate Fausto Bongiorni of Studio Legale and Dr. Paola Brambilla of ASSOInvestors, the Italian investors association, hosted WFI's General Assembly/Annual Meeting in Milano. In addition to WFI Chairman Roger Ganser, keynote speakers representing the Italian financial sector as well as the representatives of the legal society, judges and law firms spoke at the opening session. Thursday and Friday were devoted to financial education programs and to the protection of shareholders' rights, including the Volkswagen EPA fraud that has significantly affected VW shareholders. On Saturday, ASSO and the Slovenian Association hosted WFI members to EXPO Milan. Fifty-two delegates and guests from twenty-seven countries enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts and participated in the WFI programs.

WFI Executive Committee Meeting – Ghent, Belgium
March 30-31, 2015 Agenda

WFI Speaker 2014 Vienna

Speakers at WFI 2014 Annual Meeting sessions:
"Financial Education" and "Banking and Business in CEE and Russia" hosted by Raifeisen Bank International

(From Left:) Eduard Zehetner, CEO, Immofinanz, AG; Roger Ganser, WFI Chairman; Dr. Wilhelm Rasinger, President, IVA and 2014 WFI host; and Peter Muzik, Moderator

WFI Annual Meeting 2014 – Vienna, Austria
September 25-26, 2014   WFI General Meeting Programme   WFI Annual Meeting Agenda   WFI Press Release

WFI Executive Committee and Annual Meeting 2014 – Vienna Austria
September 25-26, 2014 Minutes

PowerPoint Presentations from the Vienna WFI Annual Meeting:

ecoDA (European Confederation of Directors' Association)

Information for Individual Investors

VIDEO REPORT – Annual Meeting and Conference of WFI in Vienna

WFI Executive Committee Meeting 2014 – Dresden, Germany
April 28, 2014

WFI Annual Meeting 2013 – Madrid, Spain
September 24-25-26, 2013

WFI WFI delegates at City of Toledo Reception

WFI delegates at City of Toledo reception

Photos by Aleksey Smirnov, Russia

WFI host Hon. Henning Wegener

Our host in Madrid,
Hon. Henning Wegener

Welcoming new WFI member from Serbia.

Welcoming new member from Serbia, attending his first meeting in Madrid. From Left: Roger H. Ganser, WFI Chairman; Rajko Maric, Serbia; Jean-Pierre Paelinck, WFI Sec. General/President; and Frank Kaneko, Japan

The WFI 2013 Annual Meeting held on September 24-25-26 in Madrid, Spain, was attended by individual shareholder representatives from 25 nations. Mr. Frank Koneko of Japan provided a graphical introduction to the Stock Selection Guide titled "Up, Straight and Parallel." Dr. Wilfried Hübscher of Germany spoke about the changing but critical role of national stock exchanges in providing equity to growth companies and the national economies, while also enabling individual investors to build personal wealth with smart investing.

The first two days were devoted to the Advocacy and Executive Meetings of WFI as well as international conferences on "The Future of Stock Exchanges" and "The Long-Term Role of the Individual Investor." Keynote speakers representing the New York and Madrid Stock Exchanges honored the occasion.

WFI Board Meeting 2013 – Madrid, Spain
September 25, 2013 Minutes

WFI Executive Committee Meeting 2013 – Madrid, Spain
September 24, 2013 Minutes

The Role and Future of National Stock Exchanges – Wilfried Hübscher Panel Discussion

Madrid Bank Mergers – Article

WFI Annual Meeting 2012 – Lubljana, Slovenia
September 20-21, 2012

WFI Annual Meeting Speakers

Opening Ceremonies in Ljubljana From left: Host Kristjan Verbič (President, PanSlovenian Shareholders Association), Jean-Pierre Paelinck (President, WFI), Roger Ganser (Chairman, WFI), Jella Bennerheinacher (President, EuroFinuse), Guillaume Prache (Managing Director, EuroFinuse)

EuroShareholders Support Team

EuroShareholders Support Team. From left: Marcelina Grabowska (Intern), Maria Bause (Communications Officer), Roger Ganser, (Chairman, WFI), Frank Kaneko (Vice-President, WFI)

WFI Cultural Gifts

WFI member Mouiche Moise presenting one of his cultural gifts from Cameroon to our Slovenian host Kristjan Verbic

Conference Program
Welcome from WFI Chairman, Roger Ganser
Powerpoint Presentation: Applying Technology to Investor Education

More than 30 people attended WFI's Annual Meeting, Executive Committee, and Advocacy Committee meetings on September 20-21. The new WFI Member Directory was distributed to members in attendance. Members unanimously approved the Education Curriculum and the Advocacy Committee Charter. Based on experiences among member organizations, it appears that the education program should focus on basic investor literacy.

Panel discussion topics included: Revitalizing EU capital markets (through pensions and other reforms); education and protection of financial services user; the Euro and Eurobonds in the global context - the role and perspective of banks and financial systems; barriers to shareholders engagement - report on cross-border proxy voting (Eurovote 2012); and best practices for cross-border investments - why and where to invest.

WFI Board Meeting 2012 – Lubljana, Slovenia
September 20-21, 2012 Minutes

WFI Executive Committee Meeting 2012 – Lubljana, Slovenia
September 20, 2012 Minutes

WFI Executive Committee Meeting 2012 – Gent, Belgium
March 15, 2012 Minutes

WFI Annual Meeting 2011 – Warsaw, Poland
October 6-8, 2011 Minutes

The WFI Annual Meeting took place in Warsaw, Poland on October 7, 2011. WFI Secretary General Jean-Pierre Paelinck was also unanimously elected President of WFI. Chairman Roger Ganser and Past-Chairman Lars-Erik Forsgårdh and members of the By-Law Task Force recommended the appointment. The Board of Directors approved six full Members from India, Georgia, Russia, Quebec (Canada), Lithuania, and the Philippines. Two new Associate Members were approved from Montenegro and Germany.

Special Program: Deutsche Boerse and NYSE Euronext Merger by Lawrence Leibowitz, COO, NYSE Euronext.

WFI Meeting 2011 – Brussels, Belgium
June 21, 2011 Minutes

WFI Executive Committee Meeting 2011 – Brussels, Belgium
June 21, 2011 Minutes

WFI Board Meeting 2010 – Paris, France
November 17-19, 2010 Minutes
Participants: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Japan, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, USA.

Chairmen, WFIC 2010 Paris

WFI Chairman Roger Ganser with Past-Chairman Lars-Erik Forsgardh and Mrs. Forsgardh

Actionaria Booth, WFIC 2010 Paris

WFI members at the L'Oreal booth at Actionaria Fair in Paris

Frank Koneko, WFIC 2010 Paris

Frank Koneko and his flute once again delight WFI members while on a dinner cruise on the Seine River

Gunther Marder, WFIC 2010 Paris

Sweden's Gunther Marder, WFI's "Tenor in Residence" warmed our souls and put smiles on our faces

The Annual Meeting of WFI took place in Paris on November 17-19, 2010. Aldo Sicurani, Secrétaire Général of Fédération Française des Clubs d’/Investissement, was our host. Aldo, NYSE/Euronext, and Paris provided a wonderful environment for meetings and networking. In addition to celebrating the continued growth in membership, WFI members unanimously elected recently retired Euroshareholder Secretary General Jean-Pierre Paelinck as Secretary General of the WFI. Aldo Sicurani was unanimously elected Treasurer of WFI. Individual members presented new investor education resources and a schedule was adopted for developing a basic curriculum. Members embraced the continuation of interactions with public companies as part of the educational objective.

PowerPoint Presentations from the WFI Paris Board Meeting:
SSG as a Tool and Method of Investing to Institutional Research for College Students
YELP and Consumer Vision
Air Liquide – The World Leader in Gases for Health and the Environment
BORYAD Turkish Shareholders Association
Vale – Creating Shareholder Value Across the Cycles
BetterInvesting Mutual Fund Tool – Mutual Fund Analysis Course
BetterInvesting Virtual Retail Investor Conferences

Joint WFI and Euroshareholders Meeting – Brussels, Belgium
October 22, 2009 Minutes
Participants: Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA.

The Joint WFI and Euroshareholders meetings took place in Brussels on October 21st-23rd. WFI hosted a dinner the first evening, which was followed by two very enriching days of conferences which focused on the matters crucial to investors. During the WFI Board Meeting new officers were elected and a Future Strategy focused on investor education was approved. The highlight of the joint meetings was a final dinner honoring retiring Euroshareholder Secretary General Jean-Pierre Paelinck.

PowerPoint Presentations from the WFI Board Meeting on 2009-10-22:
How to Establish Your Individual Strategy and Become a More Successful Investor
New Approach for Company Research by SSG
Questionnaire for Your Investment Strategy
How to Use Technology to Increase Investor Education Opportunities
The Growth Stock Mentorship Overview

Euroshareholders General Assembly – Warsaw, Poland
June 11-13, 2009

From June 11th to June 13th, 2009 WFI members attended the Euroshareholders’ meeting in Warsaw, which was hosted by Polish Shareholders Association. The official part of the meeting was held at the premises of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Special presentations were given by Ms. Lidia Adamska, a member of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Management Board and Przemyslaw Kwiecien, a chief economist of X –Trade Brokerage House. The participants learned about the high potential of a Polish stock market and the current economic situation in Poland. The official part of the meeting was followed by a superb cultural tour of Warsaw and Krakow. Elegant lunches and dinners were good opportunities to exchange views and establish new contacts.

Euroshareholders General Assembly & – Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 19-22, 2009

Euroshareholders General Assembly & VZMD - PanSlovenian Shareholders Association organized a conference in Ljubljana, 19th to 22nd of June 2008. The program included the Euroshareholders General Assembly and Slovenian economy presentations. All WFI members were invited.

WFI Board Meeting 2008 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 17, 2008 Minutes
Participants: Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, USA.

This WFI Congress took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 17-21 September 2008. Investors from all around the world were invited to participate. Many professional investors consider Brazil to be one of the most interesting stock investment opportunities in the world.

WFI Board Meeting 2007 – Brussels, Belgium
October 11, 2007
Participants: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA.

WFI Board Meeting 2006 – Tokyo, Japan
October 25, 2006 Minutes
Participants: Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, USA.

WFI Board Meeting 2005 – Toronto, Canada
June 21, 2005 Minutes
Participants: Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, USA.

WFI Board Meeting 2004 – Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
November 6, 2004 Minutes
Participants: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Sweden, USA.

WFI Board Meeting 2003 – Copenhagen, Denmark
June 6, 2003 Minutes
Participants: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA .

WFI Board Meeting 2002 – Stockholm, Sweden
June 5, 2002 Minutes
Participants: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, USA.