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About WFIC

The World Federation of Investors is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose members are primarily national shareholders' associations. WFI was formed to promote investor education and help national shareholders association better serve their members, both individual investors and investment clubs.


The World Federation of Investors shall further the cause of wider share-ownership and advance investment education on a worldwide scale for the benefit of individuals, families, and nations through an international exchange of investment and economic knowledge, advocating for individual investor rights and protections, and the mutual exchange of information and assistance between member countries and between individuals.

Today the mission of WFI is even more important. Recent events underscore how economic systems and individual portfolios can quickly become very fragile. Since WFI's founding over fifty years ago, the use and capabilities of the computer and Internet have exploded, giving every person the potential to access a wealth of information and resources. At the same time, new and dynamic capital markets in Europe, the Pacific, and South America have opened.

These challenging times are also exciting times with great opportunity. But "excitement and opportunity" also create potential for significant risk. WFI can help mitigate the risk by encouraging national investor organizations, regulators, and academics to develop investor education and advocacy programs and by creating a world of knowledgeable and capable shareholders.

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Mark Northway

Auditor and Adviser
Lars-Erik Forsgårdh

President and Secretary General
Jean-Pierre Paelinck

Executive Committee
Mark Northway, UK
Lars-Erik Forsgårdh, Sweden
Aldo Sicurani, France
Hachem Boulos, Lebanon
Jose Francisco Estevez, Spain
Florian Beckermann, Austria
Kristjan Verbic, Slovenia
Elizavéta Lindström, WFYIC
Pat Donnelly, USA
Paolo Brambilla, Italy
Henning Wegener (Honorary)
Katherine Naherne (Honorary)

Aldo Sicurani

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  • Commit to becoming the recognized international resource for investor education.
  • Issue papers on topics of interest to associations and their members.
  • Continue to support developing markets.
  • Leverage technology to enable all members to access WFI resources.
  • Develop an investor education resource portfolio and curriculum.
  • Become strong advocates for shareholder protections and rights.
  • Build strong national associations of investors and investment clubs by providing a network of communications between nations.
  • Create an international organization which protects the interests of individual investors worldwide using the Investors Magna Charta as the model.
  • Promote investment education and the formation of new associations assisting them in better understanding the risks and rewards of common stock ownership.
  • Provide information to millions of investors through the various national associations with learn-by-doing techniques and the use of these sound investment principles:
  • Investing regularly over a long period of time.
  • Reinvesting earnings.
  • Identifying and buying stocks of companies which grow faster than the economy.
  • Diversification of investments.
  • Provide investment tools.
  • Work cooperatively with shareholder advocacy organizations to protect shareholder rights.

Several tools have been developed by the National Association of Investors Corporation/BetterInvesting, U.S.A. to aid investors who wish to make fundamental studies of companies. These tools, such as the widely acclaimed NAIC/BetterInvesting Stock Selection Guide and Investors Tool Kit analysis software, are available through the national associations. Investment education is provided through investment seminars, conventions, investor fairs, manuals and folders. Some associations also represent shareowners at annual meetings and in matters which affect individual investors. All of these activities and more are carried out by the WFI and the individual national associations.

Contact us for more information and to take part in WFI activities. Investing for a better future is possible for everyone.