WFIC - World Federation of Investors Corporation


Why Become A Member?

The World Federation of Investors, La Federación Mundial de Sociedad de Inversores, offers to its members the benefits of enhanced information and better investment tools and techniques. More specifically, the WFI member associations receive and share information about investor education, ways to protect investors, good practices, mediation, investing analysis tools (software programs, guides, books), investor fairs, and technology while also experiencing enjoyable networking opportunities at our annual meetings.

Perhaps some of the most valued benefits from WFI are experiencing what our colleagues from other parts of the world are doing to defend themselves against misleading information (there have been enough drams in the world of finance) while at the same time learning about new investment.

Our investor fairs offer the discovery of shares and companies with high potential that are not necessarily known in the vast public markets. We do not recommend specific companies but we develop ways to analyze markets and discover better spreads of risks also by having analytical views on investment funds.

Our meetings are of direct benefit to those who are interested in better investments, financial analysis, investor protection, and sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues.

Who Joins WFI?

  1. Any National Association (non-profit membership organization for individual investors and investment clubs) of any country can apply for an Associate Membership of the WFI.
  2. A non-profit or for-profit organization that specializes in facilitating investor education programs and promoting stock ownership by individuals and clubs can apply for an Associate Membership of the WFI.
    For a non-profit organization:
    • A candidate who is nominated by at least two National Association members or two Directors.
    For a for-profit organization:
    • A candidate who has been a sponsor or host for a World Congress.
    • A candidate who is also nominated by at least two National Association members or two Directors.

The annual membership fee for a national association is based on the number of members. Fees are as follows:

€115 or 155 US $ for associations with 1,000 members or less,
€350 or 350 US $ for associations with more than 1,000 and less than 10,000 members,
€580 or 783 US $ for associations with more than 10,000 members,
€750 or 1,013 US $ for for-profit organizations.

Join WFI today along with these national organizations.

A complete description of the application requirements and process can be obtained from the WFI Secretary General at