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Emerging Markets NAIC/BetterInvesting Magazine Cover Story

As populations grow and regions urbanize in emerging-market nations, infrastructure growth is driving demand for products and resources with strong investment potential. What's the best way to tap into it? Some experts suggest following the money and investing in U.S. companies building their revenues in emerging markets.


BI News

Announcement by the Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee of BetterInvesting Magazine.


The Decade of 2000 Stock Market Performance

The Wall Street Journal reported that the decade of 2000 saw the worst stock market performance in history! "A nightmare" was one description. Others suggested it would have been better to put your money under your mattress. In the 1990's many investors were lured to the market by the 17.6% average annual return. But companies just got too expensive (too highly valued), dividends were cut, and then the disaster of 2008. S&P 500 lost an average of 3.8%/year (inflation adjusted). As a comparison, In the 1930 decade there was a 1.8% average annual gain.